About Us

Since 2006, Hortlight starts manufacturing digital ballasts for grow light. Our customers is all over the world, mostly they come from North America, Europe, and Australia.  Our advantages are the OEM serivces, moulds deign, PCBs design. If you need deep cooperation, we are the right supplier for all your needs.

Hortlight dedicates to products engineering, when you get in touch with us first time, you will understand why we can make digital ballasts like nobody. In order to fit for different customers requirements, not only we make ballasts for hydroponics, but also develop the fixtures attached to ballasts which are suitable for large greenhouses. For example, 600W DE HPS fixtures, 750w DE HPS fixtures, and 1000w DE HPS fixtures.

Recently, a study shows that Ceramic Metal Halide lamps have Full Spectrum, that means these light sources are like the SUN for plant growth. And these lamps are efficient and small power, 315w 4200k and 3000k will be most popular. What’s more, we develop the fixture which can installs two 315w lamps, that will be helpfull indeed. But that’s not the end, we also make 630w DE CMH fixture, this fixture can replace 1000w DE HPS fixture. Energy saves up to 40%, and the ballast cost is lower than standard 1000w DE’s.

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